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Waterjet Overview

Water jet cutter, otherwise called a water jet or waterjet, is a modern equipment fit for cutting a wide assortment of materials utilizing a high pressure stream of water, or a blend of water and a rough substance.

Abrasivejet refers particularly to the usage of a mix of water and abrasive to cut hard materials, for example, metal or rock, while the terms pure waterjet and water-only cutting refers to waterjet cutting without the utilization of included abrasives, regularly utilized for milder materials, for example, wood or elastic.

About us

Digital cutting systems (DCS) was developed by a team of industry insiders that have more or less done what billionaire “Ellon Musk” did with Tesla & Space X. they have engineered a solid cutting system with off the shelf parts that allow them to bring competitive product to market at a fraction the normal cost.

DCS has introduced a series of cutting solutions for every day shops, starting at $12,000.00. But of course if you want to have a speed and customized size of the big boys, we offer that too, the brain of this offering is a product that can be introduced to the masses at a price that makes sense for everyone.

Today, the benefits of water cutting are within reach of a myriad of industries nationwide and DCS is the forefront of the technology and innovation that made it possible.

The world of waterjet is dominated by a privileged to an elite people that can afford to buy the expensive of cutting with water. And to those who buy this machine, there production will speed up. Waterjet cutting is all about how fast you get there. The faster you can cat, the more you make. But the higher pressure comes, the higher the cost of the machine. Then if the machine has a higher pressure the machine will have a failures that are expensive and dangerous. But we can see the other 90% of the market that would otherwise benefit from water cutting. Many industries success for the help of this machine, most could never justify the cost of 100k waterjet. We can see the advantages of industries that using water cutting, but it has an opposite direction that they needs for the past 50 years.