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Waterjet Warranty

We are 100% Guarantee of our brand new machine will perform long as 5 years of usage. a warranty extension derived from a customized design

DCS offers a Warranty Extension about up to 5 years / 10,000 hours it can be done when purchasing a machines of pumps and also after the actual purchase as long as the original warranty is still valid.

Customizing waterjet Performance

Any type of cutting system, there’s a Digital Cutting Systems waterjet cutting and it design to meet your needs. DCS introduced a series of cutting solutions for every day shops starting at 12,000. And if you want the speed and size. Of the big boys, DCS offers high quality machines and affordable price.

The lowest cost of ownership

60,000 psi vs 60,000 psi – decrease you total cost of ownership by approximately 83%

When you want to start Cutting System business, you’ll find that Digital Cutting Systems waterjets are tremendously cost-effective and well perform all other waterjet systems and cutting system. Reducing 83% of Price of The machines, it helps much much better to reinvest in your business.

Digital Cutting Systems chart

Cutting Head

Digital Cutting Systems cutting head

The waterjet's cutting head is the one attached to the gantry. This is where the high-pressure water is propelled. Through the cutting head, the pressure is converted into velocity with the use of the small-hole jewel embedded inside. DCS' cutting head is computer-controlled, which allows for more precise and angled cuts..


Digital Cutting Systems nozzles

The pressurized water is channeled through these nozzles, down to the small-diameter orifice, to form the steady jet stream of water that cuts a wide variety of material, including soft materials such as rubber, foam, paper and food. By adding an abrasive like garnet and aluminum oxide, the waterjet can cut hard materials from stainless steel to titanium as well as fiber-reinforced materials.

Abrasive Delivery

Digital Cutting Systems abrasive delivery

The abrasive delivery holds the abrasive materials, which can either be garnet or aluminum oxide. This is then fed into the nozzle, mixed in with the water, to create an abrasive waterjet that can cut hard materials like steel and granite. Using these abrasive makes a clean cut, leaving a satin-smooth finish.

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